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Frequently asked questions.

Find out more about what we do and how we can support your workforce.
What does Fertifa do?

We provide reproductive healthcare benefits covering fertility, menopause and men’s reproductive health so that workplaces can offer fully inclusive and accessible support, resources and treatment to their colleagues.

Our platform offers workplace education support and training as well as employee support through our in-house clinical team providing independent health advice and health assessments, testing, prescriptions and medication delivery, and so much more depending on an individual’s needs and circumstances.

We founded Fertifa as a result of personal experiences with reproductive healthcare and an innate desire to make it more accessible and fully inclusive through workplaces. We are a team of world-class healthcare professionals, employee benefit experts and reproductive health specialists who can deliver the right solution and care for employees.

Every employee is assigned an employee support advisor to guide and support them through their fertility journey or specific menopause or other reproductive healthcare challenge.

Find out more about our portfolio of services here.

Why should I care about reproductive healthcare?

Infertility is classed as a disease by the World Health Organisation (WHO) and yet most private medical insurers don’t cover reproductive healthcare.

Infertility affects a staggering 1 in 6 employees – men and women alike, with male factors comprising 40% of the challenges.

1 in 4 pregnancies end in miscarriage, with many of those leading to silent suffering without any support in place, even via the NHS, let alone at one’s place of work.

All LGBTQ+ employees will require some form of support if they wish to have a family.

Single individuals are starting to have families later in life as they take their time finding a family-forming partner – and the impact is that egg and sperm freezing uptake is increasing.

Whether they have family or not, every single working woman will go through menopause and some degree of menopausal symptoms. Often this affects them at the height of their careers and when they’re in leadership positions and making invaluable contributions to their organisations.

Men should also be more minded about reproductive health given the male-factor issues contributing to infertility, but also due to the higher incidence of diabetes and other male-specific health issues as they age such as prostate or testicular cancer.

The impact of any of these issues on wellbeing is significant -mentally, physically and financially.

Reproductive healthcare benefits can add value and support these key corporate objectives:

  • Employee wellbeing
  • Diversity, equity & inclusion
  • Talent attraction & recruitment, retention and engagement
Is reproductive healthcare right for my workforce?

With the number of employees across the UK who are affected by infertility (3.5 million), pregnancy loss or other difficulties with conception and family-forming, we wholly believe that reproductive healthcare is a solution that should be offered by all companies.

Given that the cost to employers can be minimal, the argument is even easier.

  • 40% of infertility issues are ‘male factor’ – i.e. issues with the man
  • The vast majority of millennials believe employers should offer fertility benefits
  • LGBTQ+ employees need support if they would like to have a child – either through donor sperm, surrogacy or adoption
  • 25% of pregnant women will suffer pregnancy loss
  • Every single woman will go through menopause and more than 40% of them consider leaving their work as a consequence

Issues with reproductive health can affect us all. Such benefit provision can really make a difference to your workforce – by improving employee loyalty and retention, engagement, wellbeing and recruitment efforts.

What is my ROI?

Check out our ROI calculator and find out how much your organisation can save by implementing fertility and reproductive healthcare benefits.

ROI is typically in the region of 600% through savings made with respect to recruitment, retention, productivity and fewer/lower claims on medical coverage.

Even more importantly, when it comes to reproductive healthcare benefits, there are significant intangible benefits especially around employee wellbeing and goodwill.

As part of your free business case, we will include what we perceive to be a reliable estimate of your ROI when rolling out our reproductive healthcare solutions to your employees.

What do my employees get?

We focus on maximising employee wellbeing and ensuring that all of your colleagues have access to quality treatment. This is achieved through our benefit packages and programmes which enable companies to fund their employees’ treatment or financing options which we can provide.

If you choose to provide Fertifa’s employee support and wellbeing offering, every employee would have access to a discovery call with one of our employee support advisors. Based on that conversation, our in-house clinical team would either advise or review specific circumstances, health history or suggest a full health assessment which would also be carried out by our in-house clinical team.

Every employee would continue to liaise with their employee support advisor through every step of a fertility journey and treatment cycle or menopause symptoms and treatment options including HRT if agreed or a men’s health issue.

What does Fertifa do to support employers?

Although your employees are the ones who will benefit from the day-to-day support that comes with Fertifa’s solution, employers also receive various benefits:

  • A dedicated account manager
  • Onboarding support
  • Launch and comms materials provided by Fertifa
  • HR workshops around reproductive healthcare policies and practices
  • Enrolment data
  • Employee feedback
  • Ongoing service level meetings
  • Cost reports
  • Benchmarking reports
  • Quarterly management information and custom analytics
What is the process of implementation?

We pride ourselves in making the implementation process as hassle-free as possible for HR professionals, colleagues and the organisation at large.

Once you have agreed in principle to launch the Fertifa solution to your company, we will work together to prepare and customise all internal communications materials and events. This will include marketing materials for digital and hard-copy use.

During roll-out week, we are on hand to support the onboarding of your employees who are interested in joining the Fertifa programme.

We include a full implementation plan as part of your bespoke business case

What services do you offer workplaces outside of reproductive healthcare?

Given the multi-disciplinary nature of our team, we can support HR teams in a variety of ways. If you’re not quite ready to implement reproductive healthcare benefits at your company, we will be able to help in other ways, such as:

  • Workshops to scope out the impact of reproductive health and fertility issues on employee wellbeing
  • Support in writing fertility or other reproductive health and wellbeing policies
  • Events and seminars as part of specific initiatives (such as D&I or wellbeing weeks)
Can I get a tailored package for my company?

Absolutely! Drop us a message in the form below. We’ll arrange a 15-minute call with a member of our sales team and scope out what reproductive healthcare benefits could look like for you.

On the back of this, you’ll receive your own proposal and a greater understanding of how Fertifa’s solution could round out your benefits offering and portfolio.